Charles J. Ingerson



Two Privates all alone
duty on the radar post
a newly CO of a ship
sinking a small submarine
decisions made to protect
easier if grouped close
sabotage the concern
code breakers at work
yet sharing nothing
Russian trawler close
reporting nothing seen
as a war fleet passes
within – without a mind
wondering always ‘if’
slowly using hindsight!)

©Copyright April 10, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson

History Written

Always after the fact
sometimes years past
making accusations
could’ve done this
maybe have done that
never having been there
living vicariously often
pretending to be more
writing history fully
bringing conclusions
satisfying the money
which butters the bread!

©Copyright April 10, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson


Years have passed away
seeing your name in print
wondering what is thought
grandchildren to ask much
yet they did all they could
calling in their report quick
yet ignored out of hand
leading to air attack
killing 2,402 men
women – and more
afterthoughts haunting
what more could they do?

©Copyright April 10, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson

Afterthoughts 2

First day of command
called to the bridge
submarine reported
‘General Quarters’
first two shots missed
third one a clean hit
sunk the submarine
reported contact quick
0630 hours 7 Dec 1941
no action taken at all
report not even forwarded
yet first shots of WWII
taken by the USA
history reported error
‘not saying sunk same’
therefore report ignored!

©Copyright April 10, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson

Afterthoughts 3

Who knew what was happening
could anyone have guessed
the Russians surely knew
the Japanese knew as well
did the US know – they should
yet the Day of Infamy came
as America slept soundly
ships in harbor docked
awaiting Sunday Colors
0737 bombs – torpedoes
two waves of fighter planes
yet who knew and did what
who could’ve done more
what happened – once before
but only history repeats
to those who ignore history!

©Copyright April 10, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson

Awards Awarded

15 Medal of Honor presented
10 posthumous were given
honorable men giving freely
understanding duty to others
sacrificing to serve the all
knowing of their small role
not considering the medals
for only five lived[*]** that day
ever remembered warfare
where extracted one’s all
honored are the all found
not just those given awards!

15 Medals of Honor
51 Navy Crosses
53 Silver Stars
4 Navy and Marine Corps Medals
1 Distinguished Flying Cross
4 Distinguished Service Crosses
1 Distinguished Service Medal
3 Bronze Star Medals

©Copyright April 10, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson


What toll is taken by life
shaken and yet awakened
sheer horror of warfare
resting never an option
vigilance necessitated
cold, wet, dripping sweat
conditions in the extreme
within the mind the memory
never leaving – always there
within the burning of why
one survived and one died
why did they survive
could they have done more
within harrows the mind
seeking peace and rest
yet always vigilant to be!

©Copyright April 10, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson


Seeing the today of sleep
playing games and drugs
ignoring history and truth
‘World War Eleven?’ what?
teachers unknowing anything
while those who do quieted
history know and repeats
how easy to work without
passing as if in a dream
many veterans concerned
yet demeaned by Congress
ridiculed by the media
calling mentally ill today
for without is seen evil
demanding a second price
to that once already paid!

©Copyright April 10, 2014 by Charles J. Ingerson


Days and nights one and same
dreams and nightmares repeat
who remembers the two PVT’s
who remembers the CO new
who even thinks of sailors
of trawlers quiet in the dark
bands playing in the morning
diplomats deceiving each other
what is really on the inside
or what dwells on the outside
within – without the mind
of a society again fast asleep?)