Charles J. Ingerson


Charles J. Ingerson: We’ll Ever Be Grateful
Photo ©Copyright 2013 by Charles J. Ingerson
Though history will be cruel
and liberals never forgive
he’ll be a hero to us veterans
in doing all he could do for us
ending the political quagmire
which liberals made billions
while we fought valiantly
called ‘Nam’ but really not
fighting against politicians
fighting against both sides
one was our ally in WW2
whom the US disavowed
supporting instead corruption
history will never tell the tale
only telling what evil writes
so many lost and forgotten
needless deaths of friends
disabilities unable to count
a nation ungrateful taught
MSM and protesters, liars
traitors and treason doers
now in positions of power
but the one most maligned
is our hero for doing right
in spite of the political hacks
Richard Nixon was a hero
who the media destroyed
but by us never forgotten!

No matter what one thinks of Nixon now -- watch this: an example of true American pride.