Charles J. Ingerson


Charles J. Ingerson: We Are Americans!
Photo ©Copyright 2013 by Charles J. Ingerson
So sadly do we have to remind
those who hate this nation within
without a color blindness gender
we are Americans and not another
our Constitution is inviolate to stand
courage, honor and commitment
wherein our politicians fail to hear
while many laugh and deride us
loving our sacrifices in their shame
some holding the highest offices
protected by MSM no longer free
courted by our enemies to apologize
embarrassing our nation in deceit
liars and cheaters in public office
still we fought and died for them
for each soldier, marine, airman
sailor and coast guardsmen/women
all die a little each day in sacrifice
seeing friends and give their all
so that this nation might survive
we are Americans united or not
and if this nation does fail to stand
then all regardless of point of view
too will die and become enslaved
for none negotiate with evil and win
all either conquer or die imprisoned
so sadly we have many to remind
who understand not what it means
when saying, ‘We are Americans!’

Author’s Note: For Memorial Day, 2013