Charles J. Ingerson


Was it Yesterday?(Prelude:

Unable to remember
7th of December
11th of September
or long ago far away
did the breeze stray
what will happen today?)


Grasping at reality
feeling the greed
wonders of ability
warnings not to heed.

Given so much hate
seeds used for evil
East winds so state
enters the devil.

Where was love
unable to find again
deserted to above
Armageddon to begin.

The Past

Which horrors to see
so many spaced
unwanting men free
in history disgraced.

Terror’s evil to share
hate and vile found
civilizations to tear
drums slowly sound.

Forgetting so much
enjoying just the day
Babylon to touch
justifications to say.

The Near Past

Two years or seventy
buildings destroyed
lives numbered plenty
when deceit employed.

Never to learn or change
feeding the fire with oil
only names to rearrange
oaths and covenants soil.

Was it yesterday heard
cries of the homeless
so many saying absurd
within their loneliness.

Where Are You?

Nahum hardly read
most know nothing
missing not the dead
flaming chariots counting.

Isaiah taught confusing
surely there’s no God
so many just refusing
living in Earth’s fog.

(No more Prophets
no more scriptures
the heavens closed
just man’s mixtures.)

Where are you friend
abandoned and lost
what an awful end
what a horrible cost


Surely to remember
but only for the pelf
December or September
thinking only of self

So the terrorist laughs
politicians rant screams
as good people’s gaffs
and peaceful dreams.

There’ll be June flowers
even rain will fall still
evil will dictate powers
driving man’s will.

Blame will be the cue
poisons within the mind
sadly will be found few
knowing history to remind.)