Charles J. Ingerson



On the plains
clear all to see
nothing stirred
nothing breathed
nothing lived.

On the plains
clear all to see
stirred the dust
breathed the foe
lived the war.)

Intense Pain

Gathering the heat
sweating life’s blood
an army almost beat
memories to flood.

Intense pain lingers
each moment more
a spent bullet fingers
telling of wars horror.

Only in some dreams
or a fiction book
evil forever screams
for any to look.

Real life is not so
no lines to define
when death does flow
measured no time.


Safety or in fear
flowing ever gently
pure, slow and clear
sounding so gently.

Gathering earths fall
erosions soil and rain
snows melting all
swollen with pain.

Engorged in banks
bridges washed away
tethering men in ranks
wars images stay.

Of men on the move
indistinguishable to see
their way now to grove
habitation to now flee.

Flooding over the land
parasites of one kind
rivers or men stand
in history to remind.


Seeking unknown visions
circumventing the norms
completing lone missions
mavericks without forms.

Some captured as spies
others scouts of the game
mysterious in disguise
no two ever the same.

Messages to be delivered
regardless of the risk
throats to be severed
known in war’s asterisk.*

(* Take a message to Garcia)

From the Skies

As bombs of death
rain renewed thunder
lightning in tracers
hoping not to blunder

Chutes of intense black
silence was their creed
surprise was their attack
into the enemy to seed.

Hanging in trees or clocks
as the wind or timing lost
some even upon the rocks
broken legs their cost.

Shot from both the air
and then the ground
helpless to do their share
no cover able to be found.

Airborne soldiers known
willing to penetrate alone
courage and will shown
so very far from home


Threading through the veldt
the repetitive swishing
our course North held
tasked with going fishing.

We were the bait seen
the bent grass our line
temptation to another glean
exposed eternally in time.

Somberly still we walked
thoughts forbidding mention
knowing the hunter stalked
more of wars dimension.

SUDDENLY bursting shells
we hit the ground crawling
amid leeches and smells
screams and death appalling.

Somberly again we go on
from mission to mission
wars quest to carry-on
without any remission.


In the haze of smoke
nothing being heard
nothing being seen
nothing being spoke.

In the haze of smoke
intermittent fire felt
intermittent screams
intermittently awoke.)