Charles J. Ingerson



In simplicity
never thinking
the depths
which I’d journey
taking with me
my soul alone.

Then to learn
it wasn’t a me
I thought known
shaking and cold
beneath the sun
my soul alone.)

Growing Up

War movies
heroes found
victory’s sound.

John Wayne
Lee Marvin
who was I
deep within?

Careful patterns
sidewalks, fences
‘Yes Sir, No Sir!’
my new defenses

Becoming a Child

How innocent
I must’ve been
my mind to lend
a path to wend.

Thought an adult
sorely mistaken
not my fault
to now awaken.

Becoming a child
is the goal in life
in horrors wild
shootings and strife.


Was this combat
trying to kill
or stay alive
battles of will?

Holding forth
brave and cool
North or South
no one to fool.

Cherished silence
warnings to send
in this harshness
Battles to depend.

Of the Soul

Never quite sure
of who I was
marred or pure
or just because.

Trying to understand
mixed emotions
of the soul’s demand
no known solutions.

Will I ever know
the peace again
when life was full
as a child to begin?


In simplicity
my mind searches
hidden duplicity
darkness’s reaches

Never thinking
tomorrow is there
nightmare’s linking
none to share.

The depths
fathoms of lusts
with no preps
forever musts

When I journey
taking with me
my soul to see
never again free.

Then to learn
so much more
unable to discern
ever this horror

It wasn’t a me
returning from there
a mirror not to see
this child so fair.

I thought known
bravery and love
but had to be shown
a soul from above.

Shaking and cold
beneath the sun
in Vietnam bold
my soul now done.)