Charles J. Ingerson



Others who serve
lifelines attached
with steel nerve
courage unmatched.

Who then and why
quiet voices whisper
other widow’s cry
in private vesper.)


History repeats
aligned with friends
enemy defeats
tyranny’s evil ends.

Ever tying within
one back watching
the goal to win
not praise catching.

Soldiers common
suffering and fighting
battles to be won
without lies writing

Allies embraced
colors of flags flown
genealogies traced
such valor known.

Down Under

Many forget unheard
Aussies are terrific
quite undisturbed
their missions specific.

Going undercover
special operations
going underwater
humane considerations.

Flying strategic sorties
trained and disciplined
with colorful stories
in history underlined.

From the deserts North
WWII on the scene
to stay freedoms course
earning all’s esteem.

No strangers in the Pacific
serving with honor all
yes these Aussies terrific
in each event on call.

Korea, Vietnam and now
going to another’s aid
most unknown somehow
their role awesome played.

Recognition not the goal
finding the need of peace
from dictatorships to pull
and children spirits release

Up North

While some are silent
this nation stands tall
ever in history resilient
heeding another’s call.

Small seen to neighbors
to its allies a solid giant
Denmark is safe harbors
lighthouses so valiant.

Never duty-shirking
inviting freedom within
always hard working
helping others win

EU found defying
France and Germany
tired of edifying
differences of tyranny.

Hands extended before
harboring those escaping
from Europe’s evil war
while others were raping.

Lest we forget this hope
entwined with us so
this nations great scope
all freedoms fight to know.


Grateful to the others
some nameless by choice
going against the doubters
feeling emotions of rejoice.

Quiet tribute allowed today
GB/US acknowledge all
the supreme price to pay
hearing clearly evils call.

Twisting Fingers

Twisting fingers
broken from time
where history lingers
waiting in a line.

Reporters beguiling
complain as before
not enough doing
in expediting a war.

Shouldn’t have gone
won’t be able to stay
messages to prolong
always in moral decay.

Lies and partial truths
only allowing favor
while talking to youths
such enmity to savor.

Their keystrokes miss
stories of true valor
pretending a sister to kiss
showing of no honor.

Twisting Fingers 2

Her face is old and worn
her teeth mostly gone
her clothes ragged torn
her eyes woebegone.

Her flesh wrinkled old
her hair mostly white
her voice hardened cold
her stature very slight.

But with all of this
it’s her hands I see
broken and amiss
yet now newly free.

Motioning me to bend
touching gently my face
her love to me send
twisting fingers race.

Tears welling quickly
telling me ever so much
emotional feelings prick
sharing this warm touch.

‘Share with all you brave
embrace the ones you love
you’ve sent evil to a grave
while raising me above.’

Her words translated said
but none needed felt
her thoughts could be read
while in humility I knelt.

Embracing her small frame
as a son of eternity known
allies needing no more fame
than this woman’s love shown.


Wondering why we go alone
shoulder to shoulder again
each of us so far from home
in freedom’s fight to remain.

One from the down under
one from the far North
one of Great Britain’s number
one of Ireland’s North.

One from the West
one from the East
one from the Midwest
one from the Middle East

One’s who’ve become one
freedoms army to eloign(er)
this war will be now won
with allies who’ll almoner.

Twisting fingers found
on the old and the youth
gratitude is the sound
trumpets echoing the truth.

Gilead’s Balm found to heal
twisting fingers to embrace
all nations person coequal
bidding with peace’s grace.)