Charles J. Ingerson

(In Time of War)

Withstanding freedom
comes the right
of those who would
commit treason tonight.

Setting their presses
rolling their film
telling one and all
their guise is slim.

Here is how to defeat
here is how to hurt
here is a weakness
their mouths do blurt.

No spies are needed
no expense to use
no misinformation
just freedom’s abuse.

How many troops
which units deployed
where they are going
homes to be destroyed.

Treason has many clothes
innocence to all proclaim
just the news fit to print
telling enemies where to aim.

Then we shutter about
making lame excuses
restrictions and limits
are the worse abuses.

How sad we’ve become
to wave the flag high
calling on deity to save
then playing the spy.

Counting the body bags
our children or a friend
coming home from war
their lives to now end.

Husbands, wives, strangers
having gone forth to fight
unknowing all was revealed
by freedoms own blight.

Sadly we cannot enforce
the rules in time of war
to protect and keep safe
treason’s faithful whore.