Charles J. Ingerson



Balancing the scales
seeking to be fair
riding thunder’s rails
thoughts to declare.

The waves I’ve seen
far now are all gone
the winds ever mean
of yesterday are done.

Remember the mud fill
might remind of the rain
but never to now chill
amid this awful pain.)

It Isn’t Here

Oh I dream
and look so deep
I even scream
sometimes to weep.

But it isn’t here
it is all gone away
even if I do fear
to now try to play.

I can’t bring it back
to change or correct
it is power I do lack
events I can’t direct.

Slipping away from me
these events of lust
never ever to be fear
buried in some dust.

Of Yesterday’s

Even stories change
time to meld with lies
history to rearrange
from yesterday’s ties.

Did the widow save
her falling oft tears
maybe to visit a grave
only found in years.

Can the bullet retract
once fired and spent
movies to attract
rewinding passions rent

Soldiers which fell alone
in forests deeply dark
will never be again home
or found playing in a park.

Maybe trying to hard
believing of yesterday’s
memories to discard
while hope now strays.


There is no yesterday’s wind
we cannot ride a wave twice
tears have to begin anew
pressure bound within a vice.

There is no yesterday’s rain
it is newly falling in today
there is no yesterday’s pain
I so dearly now have to pay.

Nothing from yesterday here
just memories melded in view
water in streams rushing clear
these images are so very few.)