Charles J. Ingerson


Charles J. Ingerson: The Veteran
Photo ©Copyright 2011 by Charles J. Ingerson

Forgetting themselves
forging into the fire
giving their all some
yet all giving some
no longer another
but now a brother
or yet a sister known
comrades in arms all
remembering a past
filled with love honest
to preserve for another
a son, daughter, child
this the veteran to be!)

In Time

Generations ago
found innocent
yet sent to war
another’s making
whether wanting
centuries to pass
millennium to pass
but never a veteran
to give evil a pass!


The child at play
chasing the ball
hide and seek
swings and slides
schoolwork known
snowball fights
yes once a child
but now no longer!


Found kneeling alone
tear stained cheeks
mixing sweat/mud
a friend has passed
a buddy no longer
just the memory today
lifting the shadow
which touches all!


Resolve unshaken
truth to be unbroken
honor and valor
a first line to be
defending another
defending freedom
defending the right
not as seen by some
but seen from afar
father to father to son
tomorrow to come!


Never ends the day
where light weakens
and darkness begins
the in-between time
where why another
why hadn’t a me
never ending time
thoughts return
for at twilight time
never ends the day!


Hearing taps played
each note to linger
each a moment gone
each a memory too
each Veteran’s tear
sweat/mud stained
falling unfailingly
a reminder of all
silence and space
wherein did many
give their all
and all gave some!)