Charles J. Ingerson

(Of An Unknown Friend)

Lingering my feelings
with you today unknown
from wars oft killings
with harshness shown.

They say you’re mystery
with no past or future
just a statistic of history
never allowed to mature.

Are you listening to me
can you respond someway
you’re a soldier I can see
to live again as all someday.

Somewhere there is a family
parents who now also rest
no longer quite as lonely
having past this mortal test.

The tomb reads ‘Unknown’
but how can this ever be
finding you now all alone
and from mortality free?

If you could talk with another
a sister, a bother, would you
maybe your father or mother
(quiet now their playing Tattoo).

How oft I come here desolate
yet you re-affirm life so real
well it is again getting late
it’s good your spirit to feel.

Soon I’ll awaken somewhere
far a field from this ‘the tomb’
wondering if I knew you there
as dreams and nightmares consume.