Charles J. Ingerson



Prior to every conflict
fervent prayers heard
pleading for safety
imploring for a return
leaning on another
while brave – resolute
immortality not known
yet courage found
mixed with a fear!)

Early On

Streaming in headlines
alerting all the nation
four-inch bold print to be seen
proclaiming right/wrong
leaning on interests
screaming positions
bent on war or conflict
or better political belief
yet ever forward going
preparing to shed blood
preparations of war!

The Young

The young of a society
massed into the military
from Bunker Hill of old
to the sand boxes today
volunteers ever taunted
media giving up secrets
the UN to poise treason
sheltering of bold lies
wherein a nation dies;

The Old

Too old to fight again
sitting on the sidelines
no longer to be heard
experience wiped away
veterans crying alone
unable the blood to stay
while the rich idly play!


Years passing along
lost many the strong
good men/women
sacrificing their all
leaving another behind
wondering to do more
wanting clocks to stop
no more killing to hear
but smoke does not clear!

The Young/Old

Binds tied ever strong
overcoming a wrong
blending of the blood
graveyards often filled
but now a listening ear
absorbing another’s tear
erasing a greater fear
the young/old gather
mending all together
experiences repeated
never to be deleted!


Unseeing are the eyes
blinded in a memory
never to erased again
dreams into the dark
screams of alertness
just there to be found
surface deep in anger
lurking near the danger
staring in the darkness
deeper into loneliness!

Being There

Counselors clamor
Senators talk cheap
money gambles lives
rhetorical media lies
never being there
where other have been
unable to again leave
alone only to grieve!

The Shoulder

Unknown to be a few
where most will turn
inwardly unable to stay
yet outside the circle
unable ever to stray
thus the brotherhood
entwining young/old
understanding love
feeling grief and anger
elations and despairs
but always the shoulder
big enough for each
within we all reach!

Later On

The wounded now home
physically or mentally
searching for the who
once they to be known
yet no longer to find
nothing even to remind
millennial to have grown
no longer me or a you
lost in harshness gently
sometimes so all alone!


Centuries pass far away
too near to ever forget
war man’s excuse for joy
contention and avarice
ignoring the shoulder
unknowing brotherhood
upon the brotherhood
where we each survive
turning within/without
the circle so well known
into which we’ve grown!)


Never forget some gave all
Sisters and Brothers
the Brotherhood entwines
both the women/men
none to be left behind
nor should any be alone
upon returning again home!)

Author’s Note: We’ve many of our brothers and sisters in harm’s way – and we need to remember it is our love, prayers and understanding which will help those who return to be able to come home. Many return – but without love, prayers and understanding few really ever return home. Harm’s way is found in many forms within today’s world.