Charles J. Ingerson


Forlorn on the ground
brownish and cracking
soon no longer found
under snow’s packing.

Once a budding wonder
coming into the sunlight
nature’s magic to ponder
happenings overnight

High on a limb to live
seeing ever so far
simple beauty to give
even beneath a star.

Looking out and trying
to seek ability to go
even in the rain crying
wanting more to know

Quavering in the breeze
twisting and turning all
wanting freedom to seize
hearing the distance call.

A little bit more and then
going up and up higher
into the clouds to wend
surely becoming a flyer

But wait falling, turning
passing the limb of life
sliding excitement burning
screaming as on a fife.

Coming abruptly to halt
wait movement now still
rolling and tumbling caught
nothing within its will.

Soon dirty and ragged
stepped upon and broken
stones and ground jagged
all alone and forgotten.

Nature’s cycle embraced
freedom with its cost
the leaf life is traced
even when all is lost