Charles J. Ingerson

(September 11, 2001)

Amid the rubble and wreckage
bodies and carnage all quiet
(dancing and singing – cheering
3rd world nations and China)
ignoring human life and worth
having attacked without feeling
(celebrating for what – victory)
weeping widows and orphans
families and friends all alone
smiles frozen – space and time
tears left as ice on the pond
touching – clutching – deafly
settled all amid the past
wherein the child newborn
budding the infant flower
movement of the mariposa
all until silence only felt
as the last piece of glass!

Passing into the past quick
memories so short and fast
January or February gone
December hurrying to come
freezing rains and icing
no longer the screams
just the silence of awe
nightmares and loneliness
wishing one more smile
a hug and a warm kiss
orphans and the widows
weep silently each moment
wherein seeking once more
to find the last piece of glass!

©Copyright September 11, 2012 by Charles J. Ingerson


Amid the world’s chaos
hatred and full madness
found continued thoughts
now eleven years away
supposedly past and over
yet who has forgotten
many have now forgiven
but known have forgotten
the mind dwells all alone
images and reflections
nightmares without end
as continued thoughts!


Amid carnage of the day
where many gave up life
smoke – flames leaping
the dust of ages found
rising from the ground
sanity not any keeping
only the harrowing strife
with raining glass today!


Reasoning lost in reality
massive thoughts heard
pounding and shouting
upsetting and disabling
unable to comprehend
heading into the chaos
defenses useless now
terribly difficult reality!
“Exceptionally Difficult”

Trials just beginning felt
an unjust world known
all emotions strangled
screaming in the past
futures lost within awe
exceptionally difficult
rational thinking gone
yet each to awaken
light streaming loudly
making the world false
costing so much life
costing so much life
exceptionally difficult
for any to comprehend!