Charles J. Ingerson



In every war’s conflict
ever known to man
in rules found strict
a Home Guard man.

Those who gave all
maintaining the home
hearing a nations call
rallying to those alone.

Civilians or soldiers
we’ve many still today
with jobs and families
who war’s price pay.)

Home Guard

How oft to serve
baring arms of war
honor to deserve
in a life so tore

Our neighbors found
on weekends to drill
or duty to compound
ranks depleted to fill.

Never a war gone
where servants known
ever so very strong
in courage shown


What a title said
a General on a hill
viewing all the dead
cannons now so still.

Called from farms
or villages to come
baring individual arms
shared with some.

No uniforms to see
but instead in honor
soldiers/civilians free
in the sweat of valor.

How could they defeat
the greatest army ever
while nowhere to retreat
heard saying, ‘never’.

Old and Young

There was no division
all were counted one
in this cultural collision
a job to be done.

So they came young
others who were old
so many songs sung
hearts brave and bold.

Some to protect a shore
other to secure a bell
making silence more
or the darkness swell.

Raising funds or bonds
gathering tires to reuse
catching fish in ponds
no resource to abuse.

Hardly know as unfit
while some work to do
hot the patriotism lit
tried, valiant and true.

Changing Roles

In the wars past
it was in the home
where wars did last
in the swamps alone.

Called upon at night
or sometimes of a field
somewhere needed to fight
making an enemy yield.

Now we find units whole
all who are prepared
a TO&E for one to know
in crisis’s declared.

Some to protect as old
while others to deploy
in weather hot or cold
nothing one would enjoy.

Better disciplined such
ready to do the mission
the difference isn’t much
just maybe the vision.


How many nations call
and how many respond
willing to give their all
their word their bond?

Each day going to bed
or in the morn arise
wondering in their stead
if today will be a surprise.

To go to work as always
or called to arms asked
endless relentless days
multi-rolled and tasked.

Do we remember thanks
for these women and men
who give in selfless ranks
of their lives they spend?

Gathering within the glow
are Home Guards such
allowing freedom to grow
and their families to clutch.)