Charles J. Ingerson


Charles J. Ingerson: The Conflicts of Men(Prelude:

It’s not the distant thunder
or even the rainbow wish
let’s history each ponder
feeling a beguiling kiss
then with dreams asunder
hearing another tyrant hiss.

Gripping the souls of men
evil pervading human rights
causing suffering to lend
making widows take flight
seeing where laws descend
this is when others fight.)


Screams echoing unfelt
stretching forth with might
never in a prayer knelt
using strength as right.

Mercy is for the weak
who cry unashamed today
begging other them speak
while in misery to pray.

Justice used to bury all
hiding crimes of nature
making none to recall
forbidding all that’s pure.

Justice not with peace
rejecting common law
this what tyrants release
for which brave men fall.

Justice 2

Then come forth just men
asking for what is due
trying reconciliation to mend
sometimes thought the fool.

Trying with soft reason
to heal a coming war
but only for short season
till spilling blood and gore.

Uncommonly only to seem
where free men mingle alone
with truth to seek and glean
making a new nation home.

Justice too will be served
if not in reasoned minds
then on the field deserved
as history often reminds.


Nothing learned or forgotten
books on war are abundant
embracing corpses rotten
no longer found important.

Hatred finding its vent still
innocent children to maim
woman and infants to kill
soldiers to survive lame.

Remember these moments
the conflicts of men called
cities full of monuments
so all memories recalled.

Centuries come and go
years numbered in not peace
seeking when a war to know
the dates marked to lease.

(Seek back to find a time
where one did not fight
draw just a single line
and you’ll see I’m right.)

Wither the Causes

Religion, freedoms, power
greed, avarice and lust
peace, happiness, a flower
given words one can trust.

Hatred, evil, vengeance too:
love, caring, or sharing
which would one believe true
how abused this issue wearing.

Whither the causes known
justifications will be found
then the winners so shown
making a gleeful sound.

Treason on the whispers
hanging from trees to die
words used by the winners
responding to the why.

It really matters not much
when one tries to sleep
with no spouse to touch
then do innocents weep.


Emboldened is the day
ending or beginning a war
ever attentions do stray
trying to equate the score.

Parties and parades march
neither rain nor storm to halt
while soldiers in deserts parch
wondering who’s really at fault.

Holidays of turkey and stuffing
finding a table full of food
never one to be left roughing
seeing death in its hood.

Forgotten those left starving
wasting the tears of alone
when there’s no one carving
and there’s no one at home.

Firecrackers and music loud
protesters and violence join
making up this diverse crowd
barely covering ones loin.

Sadly I need turn away slow
wondering why I this do feel
seeing the pretending show
while seeing none who kneel.


Distant feeble calls respond
men dusting uniforms old
women doing the same beyond
as of dead heroes we’re told.

Flowers with trembling hand
finding graves now to place
none really can understand
with tears of love and distaste.

The conflicts of man resume
finding others scenes to use
while these heroes exhume
knowing histories vile abuse.

Thus let’s remember this each
reason and patience to learn
trust and freedoms to reach
only when love able to discern.

But men are men and known
finding reasons I’ll never know
pleading justice to be shown
never letting mercy to grow.

Yet justice too will be done
where those seeking peace
take the battlefield now won
for a couple days to lease.)