Charles J. Ingerson


IWVPA: Who Will Cry For the Soldiers

Charles J. Ingerson: Tears and Flags
Photo ©Copyright 2004 by Charles J. Ingerson

Enduring the times
with unending lines
we find the oft tears
spanning many years

Tears and flags calls
where a soldier falls
thus all to remember
a seasons Decembers)

Tears and Flags

Is it the widow’s tears
or the half mast flags
rising so many fears
when truth so sags?

Each emotion beckons
all to come deep within
as the scout so recons
when the fire is thin.

Tears and flags found
united in the forever
taps the only sound
mortal ties to sever.


Why did this happen
what is the excuse
leaving all misshapen
from so much abuse?

Why not forgotten
how did one know
a nation so rotten
into a power to grow?

Where is the future
when will we all see
history’s truth mature
allowing all to be free?


Dressed in fatigues
yet without weapons
only with their degrees
courage very hard won

The wounded caring
finding time to pray
gifts cherished sharing
in this combat to stay

A nurse and an angel
found within the circle
of only honor to tell
their precious miracle

Freedom Driven

Leave, Git Out!
Came the shout!

Never come back
hatred not to lack.

Freedom driven West
how hard this test

Intolerance found
amid this sound

Tasting Tears

Bitter sweetness found
mush like honey lemon
with messages profound
deafening heard to some

The child weeps silent
the widow more loud
courage to be resilient
with brave and proud

Tasting tears of blood
flowing freely in war
leaving emotions flood
long among the poor

Dead Winds

Barely feel a puff
sweat staying warm
smoke only to luff
prelude to a storm

Ticks and flies abound
biting, taking blood
breathing only sound
heard within the flood

Dead winds restlessly
uneasy to feel
men breaking only
none able to heal


From the same womb
nation and freedom
now in the tomb
eternal the kingdom

From dust to dust
feelings which transcend
embracing such trust
brothers do depend

Parents now share
the tears and flags
of those who dare
within war’s crags