Charles J. Ingerson


Without sparing the widow
kicking the orphan tough
how anger does allow
the bully to be rough.

Without wonder of beauty
tearing down icons old
raging through history
the bully to be bold.

Without care or wonder
smearing with damage
only time to plunder
home and village.

Such storms of horror
where dictators rule
leaving oft sorrow
not taught in school

Without pity or enmity
without time or shame
without forgetting history
the bully others blame.

Without much understanding
fools laugh and play games
carrying signs demanding
enjoying freedoms aims.

Without forgetting the past
veteran’s prepare once more
knowing the bully their task
going to even the score.

Such storms found in war
turning the cheek now done
going into harms open door
knowing this must be won.

Such storms remembered
such storms when many cry
some to be dismembered
no more innocents to die.