Charles J. Ingerson


Heroes are gone away
only men and women
are found now to stay
giving life their token.

So many who’ve gone
standing on once again
fighting all of Babylon
knowing truth will win.

Young youth’s just begun
using technology so new
maybe a daughter or son
an old veteran to view.

Flags blending in light
colors enfolded once more
allies bonding to right
which cowards do abhor.

Let those who cower, hide
let those who protest, cry
let those who dare, abide
letting those who defend, die.

When the role is called
tally’s taken on the fields
standing on and awed
found are soldiers’ shields.

Walls awaiting their names
some to be soon there
madmen scream blames
nothing in wars hell fair.

I’ll hear taps to echo clear
again and again to sob
when time becomes sheer
standing on against a mob.

My eyes will see the flags
half-mast from allies all
shattered bodies in bags
having been seen to fall.

Inner feelings again wish
it’d been a me instead of
this flower of youth’s dish
taken now to heaven above.

Standing on, standing on
Australia, England and US
resilient in hatred’s pond
Denmark, Italy also thus.

Standing on, standing on
against evils thrust pure
standing on, standing on
united one and all sure.