Charles J. Ingerson


Roar train in the night
throw your sparks of light.

Sing as a drunk swaying
noise your position betraying.

How close can I stand to you
rushing to the war as a fool?

Can we touch our bodies near:
no you don’t play fair in fear

You think like others afraid
I’ll too back with oaths to trade.

Standing next to you big train
flying in the night’s rain.

How arrogant one must be today
on thy tracks to kneel and pray.

This is why I stand to the side
close enough in my time to bide.

You say the war in where you go
with your rails a path you show.

Yet as an arrow full of the light
your rails do more in the night.

They carry you away from us one way
bringing the enemy back another day.

Booby traps and claymore mines set
train you’ll a surprise today get.

Standing next to my vision of life
nothing more in this world of strife.

Roar old train in my mind now tired
the gun and detonators already fired.