Charles J. Ingerson


Drifting rain patterns
drenching to the skin
rotting clothing clings
chills ever deep within.

Moving to keep warmth
quiet dampening spirits
clasping and unclasping
mapping in oft rivulets.

My friend’s words ring
bringing forth my tears
reminding of long ago
in yesterday’s fears.

Calling each to come
revealing one’s thought
inner-most and sacred
where screams caught.

Doubt and worry found
crying of children grown
as screams silent sound
dreams in minds shown.

Sombering and moving
rice swaying in rain
torrential in force felt
embracing lost pain.

Author’s Note: This is written to embrace the emotions found within my friend’s work of weaved words captured in his writing, “Stand To” ©Anthony W. Pahl – 16 January 2003