Charles J. Ingerson


Charles J. Ingerson: So YoungGoing from the fields
soccer, football, baseball
beaches, tennis courts
basketball or swimming
dating or hoping so to do
hanging out or just alone
we were so young then
wanting to be men/women
wanting to be even liked
some smart – smarter
funny and even foolish
reading books or music
yet we really were young
not naïve mind you now
without guile to the front
training and pretending
then in reality – fighting
wars in distant lands
faraway places seen
memories non-innocent
moments of abject terror
going away so young
even younger returning
burned over completely
someone who wasn’t
had never been before
were we young or old
our story yet to be told
loved ones yet to hold
in memories so cold!


Too often alone
never finding home
just a skipping stone
our thoughts young
our emotion stung
tears out of us rung
searing within heat
not knowing retreat
our enemies to defeat!