Charles J. Ingerson



On a hillside
or a meadow
in the valley
across the road.

Deep in forest
or a desert
in the plains
found in cities.

Shadows transcend
the clock today
as the sun
embraces each.)

Too Many

Unable to count
where they’re found
heavy the amount
within the ground.

Chiseled and cold
marble and stone
stark and bold
so many alone.

Too many seen
wherever to go
history is mean
each does grow.

From When

When did man
number to start
claiming land
to tribute impart?

Just for kings
early it seems
are there rings
where sleep queens?

Where are others
the worker, mother
sisters or brothers
found asunder?

Where lain
bounty’s of war
warriors slain
the earth tore?

Is this more
a recent thing
cutting earth’s core
glory to bring?

Hallowed Ground

Rings the verse
do you now hear
wars to rehearse
with spirits near.

But how so
is this found
breezes blow
over the ground?

Do we remember
or just forget
June or December
finding regret?

Hallowed ground
graveyards part
history surround
a country’s heart.

Shadows of Glory

Whispers the breeze
across a valley
counting the pleas
bodies to tally.

Where lie the brave
and the not so too
in their grave
this is true.

Bullets and guns
bombs and flame
care not a name.

Yet we look to see
the shadows of glory
as the sun does flee
this day’s story.

Headstones numbered
to many to count
history remembered
of youth’s fount.


There are so many
yet so very few
for some not any
others to view.

Lost at sea
burnt in war
never to see
the ground tore.

Horror’s to tell
in fields found
left where they fell
above the ground.

We’ve to seek
in this life
at history peek
such awful strife.

How many to fall
in wars of greed
hearing a call
the soil to feed?

Help me now find
shadows of glory
stones to remind
of another’s story.)