Charles J. Ingerson



Charles J. Ingerson: Shadows Observing
Photograph ©Copyright 2004 by Charles J. Ingerson
Eclipsing the moon
trails into the night
swallowed forever soon
caught in endless flight.)

~ 1 ~

Wanting to come back
fighting strange ghosts
never courage to lack
never one who boasts.

Strangers in the land
unknown to anyone more
none to understand
none to mind the store

Taking leftovers found
complaining not known
mostly in silent sound
homeless within grown.

~ 2 ~

Difficult to breathe
under the water deep
so many not to grieve
widows alone to weep

Homes empty but full
laughter lost to tears
how long to take toll
still seeking for years.

~ 3 ~

Just shadows observing
fleeting amid the dust
nothing else deserving
getting old with rust.

Weapons once used
piled in corners alone
more seldom abused
turning memories to stone.


Always the problem
so many late find
valor once an emblem
no longer to remind.

Shadows observing all
moon light disappearing
none to hear this call
veteran’s souls searing.)