Charles J. Ingerson


Departing one time more
trying to find peace alive
opening just another door
honor and truth to survive

Yet unfounded the rumor’s
held in sacred trust’s quiet
came the finding of tumors
diseased and counterfeit.

Severed and lost to end
people in disarray found
no clarion message to send
just a quiet lingering sound.

Severed humanity’s mission
animals and parasites known
no longer a celestial vision
fields fallow and overgrown.

Severed the lives of friends
in jungles and swamps afar
lies and evils now as blends
seen only as wasted catarrh.

Severed hope and forever
squashed in deserts of war
by those thinking so clever
pretending again as a czar.

Severed the lines of safety
washed overboard by fools
amid the weak and mighty
inlaid in the deep as buhls.

Severed the child from man
no time to grow or mature
as heart and soul to trepan
dividing forever the pure.

Anguished a mother or widow
vainly await the vanquishers
ever this familiar scenario
driven by the heathenishers.

Departing one time more
the soldier to only survive
opening just another door
to return with honor alive.