Charles J. Ingerson



To the peace
even a storm
found a release
silence to warn.

Shattered broken
somewhere lost
memories awoken
terror’s best cost

Living in a past
to dwell alone
semblances to last
far away from home.)


Beating drums
across a valley
pounding ones
keeping no tally

As if to awake
an inner soul
life to take
part or whole

Stillness hollow
where was joy
freedom to allow
men to now a boy?


Hell released today
old enemies found
much hatred to pay
without a sound.

Blasting of cannon
lightning’s and rumbles
morals to abandon
virtue now tumbles.

Screeching of lungs
thousands of years
cutting of tongues
amid anguished tears.

There was no day
there was no sun
there was delay
evils work done.


To say I’m sorry
too late to hear
only silence felt
anchored in fear.

Bending to ground
begging to know
my pleas sound
laments to grow.

Temptations bitter
unable to resist
unhappiness savored
enmity to insist.


Gathered darkness
flames to leap
wars harshness
peace to keep.

Unable to tell one
who was with me,
no victories won
blindness to see.

Semblances of love
surly not to be known
killed was the dove
amid death’s drone.

Trying to go back
one more chance
yet another attack
severed by a lance


was not to be found
wherein they did hate
nothing sacred, bound
this war not to abate.

No ending or beginning
no knowledge gained
certainly no one winning
loves affection feigned.

Can one ever find
where war did end
not in history unkind
enmity with a friend?

Then evermore so sure
when given so much
blood not found pure
plundered in evil’s touch.)