Charles J. Ingerson


Photograph ©Copyright 2004 by Charles J. Ingerson
Photograph ©Copyright 2004 by Charles J. Ingerson
Never to cease
feelings of drums
never to release
hearing the hums

Wheels on the road
tracks in the forest
stories again told
wars extreme test

The swamp sound
tasting of wind chill
renewal often found
only in silence still

Birds, bugs and trees
singing, chirping, sways
touching mornings breeze
when only nature plays

Ah yes… the need for quiet when the drums of conflict seem never to cease. I do admit that a walk in the forest listening to God’s whispers in the trees and via the sounds of His creations is a soothing, calming and most acceptable mode of renewal.

©Copyright March 13, 2004 by Anthony W. Pahl