Charles J. Ingerson



Charles J. Ingerson: Reflections
Photo ©Copyright 2012 by Charles J. Ingerson
Sadly we look in hopefulness
seeing the blank stares found
blindness and deafness all
wherein truth once was bound;

Reflections of a humble heart
seeking to better understand
why so few destroy so much
at executive orders command!)

Would They Arise

Buried low in the earth
or even deep in the sea
would they arise today
what would they say
collectively in shame
reviewing the mess here
found amid the ruins
shattered remnants of love
sacrifices given freely
scorned by the indolent
selfishness now in vogue
selflessness of the dead
would they arise today
seeing freedoms fled!

Take the Sword

Handling with great skill
Finding an inner will:

Calling to those about
Freedom is their shout:

Take the sword brother
Or else freedom smother:

Feel the inner self need
Or a dictatorship to heed;

Take the sword sister
Or in tyranny to blister!

Drive the Foe

Freedom is at stake
rally all who still care;
call those far and near
our duties path is clear;

Though the cliffs sheer
and many of us fear
this conflict to share
please all do now awake!

The Fallen Flag

Laying amid the debris
torn and shattered thus
stepped upon and burned
disgraced by those insects
claiming American rights
while bitterly protesting
claiming without allegiance
demanding we surrender
the fallen flag to theirs
flaunting with oft jeers
amid China’s loud cheers
and our nation’s tears!

Sound the Bugle/Drum

No longer to play tabs
but now into the battle
we cannot surrender
quicker on the drums
no more trolling cadence
this not a funeral parade
but a rekindling of freedom
selflessly again to give all
sound the bugle and drum
loud and strident to hear
never ever to surrender
freedom’s found so dear!

While Yet to Find

Some sitting loathsome
crying and moaning loud
renting clothing in show
wondering where did it go:

Freedom once very dear
fled without any fight
the malls are closed
the press is censored!

Our Sacrifices Forgotten

No longer beats the drummer
no longer flies the flag proud
shamed and discarded to pc:

No longer patriots to applaud
no longer heroes of the past
replaced by phonies on TV;

No longer is their freedom
no longer can one be free
now America but a fief:

Our sacrifices forgotten all
our selflessness defeated
not from without but within!


Reflections startling to reveal
apathy and rhetoric profound
laziness and indolence to seal
all in freedom once was bound;

No longer the land of the free
peons and mobs and race
cheating liars at altars kneel
having created this disgrace!)