Charles J. Ingerson



Deluged in the torrents
where washed away
the blood of tyrants
and youth killed today

Lost in the storms
fields of grass cover
the earth bodies warms
gone now to forever

Nothing found to know
history sure to hide
no memories to grow
where casualties reside

Some had a loved one
others homeless adrift
each their work done
no longer another’s gift)


Could it ever protect
the mistakes so known
with no power to respect
only avarice so shown?

Remember a time or two
this protection was given
ambushes thwarted true
with the rains driven

The divine intervention
where men were humbled
unable to see in confusion
in sheets of rain bundled

Deluged in the wars pace
millions of rounds shot
never found there trace
now many have forgot

Washed Away

Tracks no longer seen
names lost at sea
blood cleansed clean
never again to see

Huge waves overturn
crashing rocks invite
fires freely to burn
casting smoke as night

Melded the screams
swallowed in the wind
a widow within dreams
mortal vows to rescind

The decks cluttered awash
bodies and rigging meshed
how terrible the loss
as seas now impressed

The Blood of Tyrants

History books found full
names and dates of lore
evil men and women toll
playing as terror’s whore

Cheating the demands oft
suicide and genocide mixed
beguiling in words soft
seemingly anguish to nix

No earthly court to try
evidence is laid to waste
none allowed tears cry
where stolen is the taste

The Blood Of Tyrants
congealed in vain alone
these nature’s deviants
with hearts of stone

(How many cheated death
yet get histories fame alive
made heroes in a breath
by distractions to arrive

While heroes dead and lost
names unnamed to ensure
none to extract the cost
of evil precisely pure)

Youth Killed Today

Line after line consumed
cannonade and machinegun
wars production line resumed
as if nothing need be done

Not in the tens or hundreds
not in the thousands found
just so many in earths beds
left on top of the ground

No time to stop and care
as youth killed today
only unjust irony to share
bullets and grape to play

Lost In The Storms

Trees bending in fear
buildings explode within
glass and sand to sear
all felt in this awful din

Unable to see for inches
blinded as if in black
even the brave flinches
as courage draws slack

No light seen to lead
lost in the storms power
giving a horror to feed
with grief left to shower

Fields Of Grass Cover

Forest and glades to play
crops to cultivate again
cattle graze free to stray
nature’s recovery to begin

Bones stretched littered
dissembled and forgotten
where times embittered
this fate so begotten

Fields of grass cover
old soldiers and fair youth
no genealogy to recover
given this times truth

The Earth Bodies Warm

Finding a new chill close
huddled unable to dress
the elements to expose
nearing death to press

Slowly absorbed within
melting to this embrace
for a covering so thin
leaving nothing to trace

The earth bodies warm
blankets of dirt to fill
history memory to scorn
in fields quiet and still

Pelting of the rains
no longer to be felt
feeling no mortal pains
in deaths moment dealt

Gone Now To Forever

Vacant the breath of life
pallor of grayness worn
jesting in the time of strife
from the living torn

No tears to be shared
no love to feel secure
all emotions sheared
the ground to not cure

Gone now to forever
lingering only as space
succoring the heather
the season to embrace

Nothing Found To Know

Children won’t remember
the books won’t tell
where you found December
as in summertime you fell

Maidens wanting tears to cry
spinning tales without belief
until another passes to sigh
shedding quickly any grief

Practical matters to meet
having children all alone
challenges unable to greet
needing to find a new home

There’s nothing to know
the instant having passed
new shadows to grow
webs and nets to be caste

History Sure To Hide

Only the doctrine of victors
presenting a biased view
from these smooth inventors
beguiling entices to the few

Proving their point of concern
caring not for accuracy sure
gullible minds not to discern
flattering those so immature

History sure to hide truth
changing facts and meanings
still lost a generation of youth
twice with a beguiler’s leanings

No Memories To Grow

No memories to grow
no pining or missing
no tears more to flow
no more passionate kissing

Death steals from the all
leaving a distaste to feed
without the youthful call
none will come or heed

Orphan and a widow sought
desolate and wanting to grieve
abandoned in poverty caught
anger growing to deceive

Finding someone to blame
to oblige none stepping forth
thus in vengeance’s shame
the dead now to abhorrent

Where Casualties Reside

Maybe the rains will tell
the fields washed clean
where brave soldiers fell
seeking their lost esteem

Maybe torrents one day
will push the dirt aside
showing one the way
where casualties reside

But mostly this is wish
the centuries pass in step
distastefully life’s to swish
ever deeper into the steppe

Some Had A Loved One

The tears lamented sincere
heard into the dawning morn
filled with anguished fear
of this first child born

Never to feel the sunlight
while living in the day
seeking loneliness of night
and comfort still to pray

Some had a loved one
who shed tears of love
understanding a duty done
so others know the dove

Others Homeless Adrift

None inviting them within
the hearth empty and cold
their coverings worn thin
entered the service bold

Finding the comfort there
comrades and some the same
hardened in rhetoric to dare
others homeless adrift came

Each never to shed a tear
caring not emotions taste
encountering death’s fear
on a forlorn field to waste

Each Their Work Done

Conclusions happen fast
bullets uncaring home in
life’s carelessness to cast
nothing more to win

Each their work done
while others gather round
the battles lost or won
by corpse on the ground

Rains and storms subside
in the rabble of conflict
where evil and men abide
terrible pain to inflict.

No Longer Another’s Gift

Maybe once a father or son
better a mother or daughter
grateful a family once a one
a wife, husband or lover

Maybe the morning sunshine
the laughter of oft surprise
the flavor of a good vine
making another to arise

No longer another’s gift
life’s full meaning known
to new heights again lift
once in mortality shown


Can we linger more
can we know such
finding war’s whore
whose fingers clutch?

Tears of distant wars
fading in the storms rain
violence of raping whores
inflicting eternal pain

Who cries for the soldiers
youthful no longer grown
just now the cold barriers
with flags often flown

Tarry not much longer
grasping the dying day
are you crying stronger
for this price to pay?

Rains and storms of lust
unfeeling ground to entice
taking all back to the dust
with taps as cold as ice)