Charles J. Ingerson


Kings, Dictators, Emperors[*]
seeking to enslave citizens
disarm and isolate veterans
those who’ve fought in wars
preserving the freedoms of all
or on behalf of the leaders
to subvert and to enslave;

Making them run or else cave
telling people treasonous feeders
putting out the warning call
opening where none new sores
to disarm those called veterans
isolating them as carcinogens
kings, dictators, vasodilators;

These are the most dangerous
those who know how to survive
those who served them well
allowing them to keep power
now the enemy of their state
in our own nation on this day;

Prelude to this Veteran’s Day
never will evil seek to abate
their lies the media to shower
making our Constitution a shell
with a new slavery to thrive
our leaders now most traitorous!

Author’s Note: The Governor of Illinois made the citizens of Nauvoo surrender all of their arms to the militia - and then within two years forced them to abandon their homes in the middle of the winter across the Mississippi - carving out holes to survive the cold. Several years earlier the Governor of Missouri ordered the 'extinction' of those living in Far West (and other settlements) after making them surrender their arms. These events took place in 1830's and 1840's. The Government of the US did nothing to interfere and the MSM media of the time applauded the Governments of the two states and the incidental murdering and raping of the women and their children (some infant babies) – as did the clergy of the day. We must remember history does repeat itself – over and over!