Charles J. Ingerson


Charles J. Ingerson: Precious Cargo

Charles J. Ingerson: Precious Cargo

In every conflict
one must come home
the wounds to inflict
none come all alone

When soft falls rain
or winds gale force
always lingers pain
a caisson and horse.

Transmissions unsaid
quiet racking the mind
here the living and dead
from war’s toils remind)


Oft unused by many
an acronym of war
able to bridge any
across this horror

Lost amid the tears
spanning this nation
spent over all years
as youth the ration

War demands a price
lives left there listless
nothing pleasant or nice
for youth once restless

These who fought today
following footsteps
in valor now pay
hearing soft the reps

‘The sad slow salute…
entering within
once so resolute
silence very thin…’

‘Beating of the drum
echoed taps play
till each day is done
and none longer stay’

Bringing them all home
wanting none behind
or left lost alone
‘HR’ does remind


Amid leaves and trees
forests or glens wide
oceans and beaches
here the soldiers abide

Covering with snow
feeling harsher rain
touching winds aloft
no longer in pain

The price demanded
paid in full by all
but sooner by these
hearing tribute’s call

Each One

None to just rush
or pushed away
in somber hush
or with delay

Each one taken
with given care
souls awaken
moments share


Human life
held precious
by those few
who’ve paid
full to those
in freedom’s cost
who understand not

Dictators, tyrants
demanding slaves
lavishly foolish
stepping, trampling
what’s precious
in freedoms lost
abused there

Coming home
saddened all
wishing not
the wages paid
a son a daughter
in freedom’s tossed
so precious


Playing in the fields
laughter in air ringing
the harvest yields
children there singing

People able to pray
voting and talking
to leave or to stay
in freedom’s walking

Tomorrow’s paid fully
by those yesterday
in caissons slowly
in processions today

Precious cargo within
tears and sadness share
emotions when veils thin
as free nations care


Pearls crystalline clear
hearing each note
lingering in the dusk
service thus to denote

Small children salute
quiet’s profusions embrace
even whispers silent
clouds above silver laced

Each laid to restful peace
in a land under God free
precious cargo safely home
interned then unto Thee)


Last Embrace

Lovingly and gently
fitting a last embrace
ever so tenderly
the flag in its place

In honor draped
full valor to give
the coffin caped
for others to live)