Charles J. Ingerson


“mommy, mommy, MOMMY!” (Part 1)

But there was no reply
As the mother, brothers
Fathers, sisters, all
Except the child had
Already died;
And he was alone

His life as he knew it
Was now not even a dream
Or an imagination of life;
But the reality of cruelty
That only man can do
To another man,
in the name of humanity

Thus these poems extend
Not from today or tomorrow’s
Horrors, but of the day
Of infamy that each
Must go through immune
To those around them
Or as this child
A part from the cries
Of the child
Into the screams
Of the reality
That life is such;
That no matter what
Man will not listen
To the history
Or see the record
Of the immortality
Shattered into the pieces
Called dreams of eternity
For a child
Who now is an adult

“mommy, mommy, MOMMY!” (Part 2)

“Where are you?”
thus the child cries
into the night of forever
as mommy is dead:
in his world,
knowing of no other

To seek to console,
is to misunderstand
the child’s cry

For mother is a symbol
of the stability in life;
thus this child
is no longer a child
and life in no longer
a life, but a survival

He has learned
the cruelest lesson
of the history of men;
“Who when given
a little authority,”
they know not how
to act responsibility
for others

His cries will go unanswered
Into an endless, restless night

The world will scream its indignation;
yet in the morning will wonder
of what to do today?

“mommy, mommy, MOMMY!”
and no answer will
be heard without
the promptings of the spirit;
unknown in history;
as it is taught today