How oft in the past
did the word ‘we’
find a way to last
in all we could see.

The pizza parlors
convertible tops
staying up all hours
listening to the pops.

This once long ago
and now I’m alone
going to war’s show
only you came home.)

Read Today

Another war is planned
papers talk about it
no secrets retained
like going to a picnic.

The enemy is well told
which carriers we’ll use
even where to be bold
our freedoms to abuse.

Congress is waffling again
trying to get re-elected
terror has struck within
and pacifists reunited.

Funny how they say, ‘we’
and then only mean us
employed to keep them free
in this maze to only cuss.

Read today a war planned
maybe even a reason
the rest of the world damned
just not ‘in’ this season.


Could we have a leader
anyone to step forth
be it a Susan or Peter
able to find self-worth?

Nah! none to show up
too much effort needed
can’t put down their cup
this cry to be heeded

Followers of the flower
seems the Spring of year
only in rebellion power
never to shed a tear.

Campus’ unable to fly
flags burned still instead
as students are now high
being our blood now fed.

Don’t want to offend anyone
or racially profile a killer
there is no honor won
using cowardice as a filler.

Once Long Ago

Maybe someone taught
maybe someone loved
maybe someone caught
a person who was shoved.

Volunteers who go forward
when all others retrace
our nation now a ward
for those with no face

Maybe we’ll grow anew
maybe not many will die
maybe we’ll be the few
for whom none will cry.

Once long ago I cared
feelings worn on my sleeve
even knowledge I shared
unable to ever grieve.

Maybe I’ll again smile
maybe I’ll learn to grow
maybe it’ll take a while
but you’ll never again know.


Unable to explain feelings
my emotions wont expression
no need for further healings
or any more weak concession.

Treaties which found empty
invisible ink passing on
lost has been any family
no morals to be action upon.

Alone is a state of being
best left to those who know
not those rose-colored fleeing
who in this life will not grow.

Carefully not to offend another
I cradled you into sleep
doing no more for you brother
unable even to seriously weep.

The trenches still need to be dug
weapons cleaned and inspected
no time to play or to again hug
within a society so fully rejected.


Careful my friends to heed
war is not a cheap date
disease and death feed
whether early or a bit late.

The enemy knows we’re here
media has spread the news
even the protesters appear
in violently expressed views.

War seems a bit more public
maybe I’m just a bit too old
but most of this is idiotic
if the truth were really told.

But once long ago we played
ate pizza and danced a lot
somehow we should’ve stayed
no more music or be-bop.

Rasping is the sound heard
the cell doors fully secure
I guess we were a absurd
to think we’d still be pure.)