Charles J. Ingerson


Charles J. Ingerson: Of July 4th
Photo ©Copyright 2013 by Charles J. Ingerson
Declaring of freedoms from tyranny
while even today man is not free
our government usurped powers
politically correctness now rules
speech is totally out of control
profanity found in all places today
while cursing and swearing a right
still denying any who defy evil
gone in many states 2nd Amendment
now to is the 4th Amendment naught
while voting is fraught with fraud
not even caring to hide from sight
suffering while government spends
lavish vacations and fraudulent bills
thus of July 4th what is there left
think carefully America – carefully
for what was won over and over
with blood of our nation’s souls
mixed together with many others
France, England, Australia, Canada
to name only a very few today
have fought against and for
so that in this day and place
we might have so many freedoms
which seemingly without caring
we’re letting government take away!