Charles J. Ingerson



Standing by graves
full of the mistakes
seeing headstone waves
where nothing awakes.

A cold silence demands
what happened known
as none understands
what’s weakly shown.

Two ships of the line
attacked without warning
unable to fight in time
now history is burning.

Come with me to look
never to learn this wrong
our military was shook
in weakness not strong)


One thing to be valiant
another to be unarmed
but to be found silent
is to be forever alarmed.

Men died on the high seas
while the enemy skated
why this foul smelling breeze
with questions not abated?


Coming in broad daylight
all the world to see and hear
knowing there’d be no fight
absolutely without any fear.

The Liberty strafed by planes
unable to even return fire
these were allied bullet aims
in peaceful known attire.

Was this an act of war
what’s going on in command
how loyalties were torn
who could understand?

The Other

In another of the seven seas
an enemy did attack recklessly
no honor to want to appease
inviting sarcasm wantonly.

The Pueblo was ravaged
while the US did nothing
captured and then salvaged
why didn’t we do something?


Who to blame for crimes
acts of war unaccepted
without reasons or rhymes
treason was inspected.

Skippers the scapegoats
passing the buck alone
politicians needing votes
bleeding blood from a stone

Crews wanting to know
why this action’s happened
cover-ups curious grow
false policy sharpened.

Years Later

Nothing’s changed at all
lies and treason lives
CYA is the famous call
cold comfort this gives.

Crews meet to remember
wondering when they’ll learn
some it’s already December
history is too late to discern.

The answers still the same
friend and enemy still free
war called by another name
why did the US just flee?

Years later more excuses
the guilty have now died
families felt their abuses
knowing that they lied.

Never to Learn

This isn’t quite true
for much can be found
but no one playing the fool
will be able to make a sound.

Never to learn means
unable to bring to court
where truth and right gleans
red tape and records to abort

Is it because they don’t care
or rather they want it gone away
history has so much to share
never to learn again today.


Standing by their graves
seeing names all known
feeling the oceans waves
wondering if I’ve grown.

The cold silence demands
‘Have we in vain died?’
Justice and mercy demands,
‘Why have our leaders lied?’

Two ships of the line struck
without being allowed to defend
where is hiding some skunk
able with treason to descend?

Come with me to again wade
with the USS Liberty and Pueblo
sacrificed and shamed made
how could the US this allow?

Never to learn I’ll probably be
told to leave it alone once more
these orders given to the free
while showing me to the door)