Charles J. Ingerson


Fabric preparing ironed
strips laid out with care
patterns of love designed
hoping with all to share.

Each needle selected
threading so carefully
no sorrow to be detected
this task done slowly.

(A soldier, a spouse
a child, an infant
a parent, a brother
a sister, an instant.)

Masterpieces with less
never appear the same
our freedom’s to bless
woven into this their name.

Tapestries on display
where evil tries its best
causing endless delay
love and trust to test

Critical and so abused
from those who oft gain
and are found so confused
not wanting any to explain.

Freedom’s has a cost
it’s found ever to be high
lives and families lost
while protesters deny.

Thus counting the needles
procuring the threads each
shining like many icicles
histories stories they teach.

Red transfused from blood
Blue from the deep sea
White as sand after flood
Colors flown over land free.

Woven treasures of fabric
widows and orphans such
costs ever known intrinsic
exquisite tears to touch.