Charles J. Ingerson

(A Daughter’s Tribute)

Sonia with her Dad, Tony: 2002
Sonia and her father, Tony - Memorial Day 2002
Photo taken on the USS Hornet, San Francisco
Not found in a suit
or button-down shirt
these points are mute
never duty to shirk.

(“This is my Dad! Tony!”)

Went to war a youth
fresh, wise and great
came home in truth
dog-eared and sedate.

(“He’s a Vietnam Vet!”)

Hearing a distant call
service he rendered sure
understanding a need all
of freedom to be pure.

(“Served in the Royal Australian Air Force”)

Feeling the running blood
helping friends alone
in a dense jungle hood
trying to bring them home.

(“More than 20 years”)

Never to leave the battle
never-ever to turn away
some he had to saddle
to rescue from the fray.

(“He was a Sergeant”)

No glory or glamour’s view
just the work to be done
meeting the needs a few
in life’s struggle to be won.

(“He can’t work anymore”)

Some gave more than he
but he gave his all and some
so you and I could be free
and for generations to come.

So if in some small way
I can honor him I will
for his blood I display
running through me still.