Charles J. Ingerson



Heroes everywhere
some alive or dead
some still breathing
in strange road led.

Peace is not sleep
and war is still hell
giving truth’s horror
a fleshy bone shell.

Grasping in nothing
enemies line walls
loving ones known
in screaming calls.)

With Eyes Still Open

Sight is not blinded
with the sense dim
good life unwinded
hollowness within.

Others find something
some even try lies
carelessly oft nothing
the spirit then dies.

Open windows dark
lights without shadows
lost in a dismal park
given what today allows.

With eyes wide open
carrion see into souls
little does life depend
stripped of human goals.

Beating Drums

Footsteps marking
ropes to bind again
blood droplets taking
more torture to begin.

Clasping of the locks
cocking of the guns
as never one knocks
the cruelty only stuns.

A mind relinquishes
thoughts of childhood
happiness anguishes
in blackness withstood.

Beating drums sounding
time measured in pain
prison camps abounding
without water in the rain.

Seeing What

Memories into dreams
sleeping wide awake
no mountain streams
these moments to brake.

Ropes arms extending
higher, higher, cracks
love now depending
a legend to attracts.

Beaten until senseless
never broken to cry
evolving the denseness
alive while yet to die.

Seeing what one asks
blurred pools of love
guards with gory tasks
ever standing above.

As Now Only Dead

No emotion, no defeat
no murmurs, no talking
no giving, no retreat
no losing, no balking.

As now only dead
there are no stories
no dreams to dread
only blank memories.

Unable to share aloud
while so many ask
thinking they’re allowed
motionlessness to grasp.

Looking to try to see in
greetings without honor
caverns and cave within
lost in oblique humor.

Loving Ones Enemies

No matter how cruel
no matter how unfair
no matter the fool
no matter the stare.

No matter the horror
no matter the pain
no matter the torture
no matter the stain.

No matter the evil
no matter the trial
no matter the devil
no matter the vile.

No matter vengeance
no matter the lies
no matter the offence
no matter the cries.

Loving ones enemies
steals away victory
won within memories
unrecorded in history.

Never to know pain
never to know failure
never to know rain
and to know immure.

Loving ones enemies
destroys their substance
wasting their energies
languishing in distance.


Enraptured within pain
beyond the point alive
lifted within the moraine
listlessness to deprive.

Asking aloneness found
escaping into the marsh
never eliciting a sound
regardless however harsh.

Heroes everywhere alive
or some living dead
still breathing to survive
their life’s stimulus bled

Peace is not sleeping
and war is still hellish
giving truth’s harrowing
only silence relishing.

Grasping in nothingness
loving ones enemies now
recovering into darkness
with screaming somehow)

Author’s Note: Dedicated to those once POW’s or incarcerated in concentration camps unknown