Charles J. Ingerson


No way to say goodbye
just moments restless
maybe mixed with sleep
under the seas endless.

Seemingly lifetime ago
valiant and courageous
mostly a memory gone
as war’s not gracious.

No letters to write home
maybe never to see again
reverberations in the night
not like when wars begin.

Sweat and grime routine
blank stares hardened
how much more to endure
in eternities unpardoned.

No movies ever depict
destructions found so deep
where sailors wait to die
and no one knows to weep.

The thrill of torpedo runs
hearing explosions end
now the click of charges
which the enemy send.

No more time to live
casting grayish colored
without tans or laughter
wars endings covered.

How deep is the sea
able to devour ships
graves never marked
my mind in sleep slips.