Charles J. Ingerson



In some mountains
far from home
rests bodies
lost and alone.

Not many know
a fewer care
what happened
is this fair?

Seven soldiers
are now dead
training accident
a nation bled.)


No funds to fix
so bubblegum repairs
and love in the mix
who out there cares?

Each and every day
another is at risk
a family does pray
not their love to risk.

Yet more and more
we in the news find
widows/orphans tore
their faces to remind.


In final decision
the lesson learned
was not one taught
for all concerned.

Yet it was failure
of the process mission
and only tears complete
ending this omission.

Too late to reconsider
as sadly we remember
young men/women die
war’s cost not a number.


More tombstones shade
the ground today
and memory’s fade
families can’t stay.

They move out again
without the reason
this mission to begin
into an empty season.

No funds will raise
no memorial to live
no fans sounding praise
nothing more to give.

They served their country
giving their all known
risking for us gently
just a thank you shown.

We’ll prepare a flag
fold it properly
not ever to drag
just handled softly.

Then stepping forth
each family we’ll hand
facing to the North
no one to understand.

Some will delay an hour
hoping one will return
but not by tomorrow
just in memory to burn.

Lest you think forget
no it will always remain
remembering is the regret
my tears now stain.

What different could we
but hollow is found
it isn’t just you or me
within the silent sound.

Others could do more
but none will take time
just the closing of a door
marking another lost line.)

Author’s Note: A series in memory for the seven soldiers who died in training on February 9, 2001 in Hawaii