Charles J. Ingerson


Charles J. Ingerson: Little Blood Shed
Photo ©Copyright 2012 by Charles J. Ingerson
Little blood was shed
yet murder took place
daily, hourly, constantly
stripped naked alive
given soap and number
then gassed to death
twenty minutes or less
maybe an hour all told
arrived by trains massed
directed where to go
some to the left
others to the right
some to live and suffer
others to slowly die
gases do strange things
a body to recoil/rebel
too late and too little
looking back and seeing
how many believing
while still to this day
daily, hourly, constantly
murder taking place
with little blood shed!

Euro 2012: England humbled by Auschwitz pain and misery as Wayne Rooney vows it will never be forgotten

Note from my Older Son: As I read this article, it made me glad that the team took the time to remember what had happened in a place where they are going to play Euro 2012. It also reminded me that I’m grateful that you taught me to learn and respect history. This got me thinking.