Charles J. Ingerson


Lingering Tears

Brushing aside bush
and swatting bugs
seeking to be loose
missing the hugs.

Away from life
in a worlds death
of fighting and strife
catching my breath.

Anguish in memory
finding old fears
repeating history
in lingering tears.

Met some friends
I’d not ever known
an image now extends
realities been shown.

Words without pictures
rhymes without thought
pasts without futures
freedom’s price brought.

Then I must pause
with too many fears
knowing wars cause
in lingering tears

Then I Wept

Within dreams seen
as those of mere men
what wisdom to glean
at last saying amen

Sometimes so short
of vision of my eyes
unable more to report
an inner self almost dies.

Unlike the kings found
blinded and unfeeling
then left to only drown
sore wounds unhealing

Nations seen from prison
strangers held or kept
lingering of lost vision
left alone then I wept.