Charles J. Ingerson



Whirlwinds fully entice
panic completely ensues
applying pressures vice
and known ardor cools.

Mission found to collapse
valiant ones helplessly die
histories fruitlessly lapse
distant memories cry.

None left behind heard
of caught tortured to live
fidelity and loyalty blind
everything sought to give.)

So Many Went

Yesterdays unnumbered
soldiers left for wars
what was remembered
books or musical scores.

Humming even tomorrow
will reflects these pains
searching somehow to grow
within dirty window panes.

How many went for glory
how many went for honor
how many are now sorry
how many lost in power.

So many went ‘over there’
and how many still are
does anyone know to care
or is this another scar?


Planned to succeed
or without a thought
actions ever to heed
in fires fights caught.

SNCO’s harping hard
troops going to serve
entrapped in the shard
wounds not to deserve.

Success found in lives
going and returning
a thousand sharp knives
in Hell now burning.

Going in as one person
coming out as divers
told in a book version
diseased living cancers

Missions of a necessity
actions to report above
regardless of responsibility
shattering without love.

Individually and collective
company, platoon or squad
all extensions interactive
though treated as meat.

Unquestioned loyalty
(you’ll not be left alone)
somewhere accountability
(we’re going as one home).

Thus defined is a mission
no matter what is said
only successful completion
unless all are found dead.

Leave None Behind

The code is embraced
a nation to hold aloft
histories ever traced
ever hard and not soft.

The aubade of truth
being sung each day
being old or in youth
as one to go or stay

Leave none behind
carry them or drag them
coax them or remind
a US soldier’s theorem.


Wandering into the past
some wonder why we go
memories important last
because of honor to know.

Some were left behind
the politics of collusion
each day thus to remind
there is no conclusion.

How can we ever forget
to ignore the importance
promises solemnly to beget
accepted in our innocence?

Going back again and again
trying to find where failed
unable ever to again begin
even in text ever detailed.

No excuses acceptable yet
found in the falling of rain
every feeling of living wet
understanding another’s pain.

Leave none behind ever
thus tomorrow’s anamnesis
forgetting will be never
as part of this symbiosis.)