Charles J. Ingerson



Kokoda Trail: Painting by George Browning
Kokoda Trail by George Browning
[Oil on canvas on hardboard 61 x 45.4cm AWM ART 24074]
In war allies
are formed
by Governments
as treaties.

Some demean
some work
some teach
some fail.

Yet never
a stronger
tie was born
than found here.)


Lost in jungles
amid the bog
limpid air
death profound

Vacant views
found history
no memory
grown over.

Allies forced
lingered doubt
tried and true
selfless pride.

Aussies first
then the rest
inches progress
enemy fierce.

Malaria tempest
fevers and wounds
sweat and anger
leadership torn.

Respect learned
one for both
as hand in hand
inches gained.

But most shown
the wonders
in wars horrors
bring together.

Even Generals
begin to see
soldiers indeed
fighting to be free.