Charles J. Ingerson

(Remember the USS Liberty and USS Pueblo)


Awash in the waves
nerves so racked
risks in war known
while truths sacked.

Innocent in beliefs
where was the help
lost in transmissions
of ill gained pelf.)


Routine and remote
all the silly games
inspections formations
many familiar names.

Then entering a hell
none to answer calls
a world turned wrong
bitterness now galls.

Knowing we’re alone
afraid of some tyrant
politicians run and hide
only now lies to rant.


Was there any truth
how would we know
lost America’s youth
deception only to grow

Not just once, twice
betrayed this trust
lifelines all to slice
bleeding in disgust.

USS Liberty (1967)
USS Liberty in Chesapeake Bay: July 29, 1967

USS Pueblo (1967)
USS Pueblo (AGER-2) off San Diego, California: October 19, 1967
Forgotten is the lie
buried without trace
American’s did die
history they did erase.


Two ships of the line
with missions shown
rules of war to define
American flags flown.

Allies/friends firing at will
tyrants making excuses
now all is kept quite still
wasted in political abuses.

There was no support
President turned his back
now in the official report
truth and reality to lack.

Knowing people forget
counting on other events
new sicknesses to beget
truth never, ever relents.

Forgotten no more names
held in honor by some today
from the graves come flames
in our memories to all stay.


Holding to the belief
the right will prevail
even in humbled grief
do new shipmates sail.

Will a nation again desert
leaving without hope alone
Americans in death to flirt
protecting others at home?

Fresh the question quells
restless as the ocean deep
rising and falling the swells
widows and lovers weep.)