Charles J. Ingerson



Sloshing in water
bitten by bullets
pushing aside
friends lost
into the fire
into the fire
d-day arrived.)

How Many

A cast of thousands
many mostly scared
yet hardened in years
all had been prepared.

Young and old there:
English, American,
Canadian, and more;
and the Australian.

All an investment
years to prepare
into this pyre
loneliness to share.

How Few

Did they say goodbye
have a farewell kiss
a moment to ever cry
or a family to miss?

From one theater past
to this one to begin
how long does war last
will anyone ever win?

How few do we know
as photos on a beach
their memories to grow
just beyond our reach?

Was He a Hero?

Fallen and lost
was he a hero found
to this war’s cost
laying on the ground?

Did he serve a purpose
finding life for another
or was he just a lose
like just any other?

Was he a hero known
will we ever find out
can his valor be shown
amid all of this doubt?

Both sides will wonder
one seeing and feeling
both will forever ponder
never knowing a sealing.

I Love You!

Faint words heard
fathers, sons, husbands;
whispered words heard
over the oceans sands.

Widows, mothers, sisters,
brothers all the same;
hearing the winds whispers
one more time his name.

‘I love you!’ is said again
over and over the reply
someday forever to begin
not having to ask why.


Not with my eyes
for blindness appears
looking into the fire
so it is with feelings
my soul and heart
I seek answers
entering forever
into the fire.)