Charles J. Ingerson


~ 1 ~

Treading into the fight
thunder abounding
clouds of smoke and dust
only fields now of rust;

Clashing of arms close
cannon fire and sword
valleys littered in death
gasping again for breath;

Weary shell shocked all
wandering aimless soldiers
uniforms covered in dust
having now others to trust!

~ 2 ~

Angels appearing then
though the dead to wend
finding those still alive
their spirits to revive;

Tending to all found there
no more enemies found
all the wounded treated
with prayers also entreated!

~ 3 ~

Corruption in high places
uncaring and unsharing
dead and wounded unknown
thus no mercy ever shown;

Political goals and powers
seeking personal lusts
unrighteous dominion used
thus laws found abused!

~ 4 ~

Calls for freedom ring
some guised in failure
other in deceit’s guile
where the wicked smile;

Yet men/women give all
knowing what it’s about
helping others to be free
from cruelty able to flee!

~ 5 ~

All to be exterminated
none to be exempted
some longer to take
their wills not to shake;

Gas furnaces to remain
camps now empty thought
yet remains their voices
against wickedness’s choices!

~ 6 ~

No rest or respite found
a Sabbath Day to fight
yet here and there seen
soldiers in prayer lean;

A moment to bow heads
seeking understanding
then again to press the fight
from day to day even to night!

~ 7 ~

Little children swatting wrapped
having given their all to live
laid in swallow grave now lost
terrible is this fight’s cost;

Forced homes to leave behind
bitter winter worst only ahead
threadbare and lonely afraid
yet their righteous course stayed!

~ 8 ~

Into the raging storms at sea
constantly looking outward
rations short and often wet
yet each ship a course set;

Close hauled – rigging taunt
canvas sounding explosions
the crew alert in quarters
fearing shore bound mortars!

~ 9 ~

Forced by mobs and militia
homes burning and lost
women raped and worse
Satan’s minions to curse;

Gathering strength above
following a Prophet of God
heading always to the West
facing trials harsher test!

~ 10 ~

Each involved for reasons
never ending the seasons
some for fools golden ore
others forced by one or more;

Into the fight we all will go
choosing which side to know
no fence sitters to be alive
only the righteous to survive;

Ring the bells all you can
be you a woman or a man
child and infant to also share
eternal families not to tear;

Where will you thus be found
with Michael or Lucifer bound
the choice is to be made by all
hearing Satan or Father’s call!