Charles J. Ingerson


Carried into the depth
where no light shown
awaiting only death
in a world so unknown.

Innocent values lost
each moment sought
horrible is the cost
when in war caught.

Carrion litters the way
when I cannot more see;
just feelings of decay
and the maggots free.

At first rebellion sick
then understanding;
only dead skin to pick
parasites demanding.

Good men and women
lives forfeited in horror
a soldier says amen
history’s lone orator.

Just the boy next door
the teenage girl older
some rich and/or poor
all now the lone soldier.

Finding this enmity devoid;
feelings beyond the cold
war which is paranoid
and youth now is old.

Evil inherently to know
losing conscience good
enmity seeks to grow
leprosy’s veiled hood.