Charles J. Ingerson



a distant drum
and in
sacred places
old hymns
as I

in the dark
as I

for to know
the divine
in tune
as I

The Tender Heart

Each moment ascribed
its place in mans time
in this life I’ve abided
savoring the sacred line

Learning of mothers more
a tenderness new to me
found blocked by a door
never allowed all to see

The tender heart of one
locked in compassions love
for all to have the sum
in soft dew rain from above

Hear the Sound

Maybe just laughter soft
or an ever silent tear
sobs continued oft
going through each year

Children which do grow
uncertain feelings found
or what emotions to show
when I can hear the sound

Windows of forever open
where allowed a glimpse
like the rush of oxygen
and my being to rinse

Hearing the sound of love
the special tones soft
gathering blessings above
when the veil thins oft

So Vulnerable

Leaving any natural thought
opening every window wide
in this rapture to be caught
with nowhere to hide

So vulnerable is my heart
seeking somehow to touch
this mother to be a part
where I can glean so much

Unwilling to be hidden
my understandings grow
these whispers bidden
in this loves pure glow


Wonders of wonders
great is my joy
so much ponders
in images deploy

Her hands so soft
meaning not to hurt
lifting pain aloft
ever her eyes alert

Moans from all around
captured in this time
where sacrifice is bound
in combats awful grime

Soothing each in turn
wounds now to care
she comes with concern
where many never dare

Other Arms

So far from a home
no loved one near
ever so very alone
and death so to fear

Mother, Mother cries
amid these young men
as again childhood pries
in this darkness to wend

Then to be embraced
coldness just blocked
a nurse who is braced
becomes another’s rock

Other arms for sure
but in the haze unknown
a mother’s love pure
for this child now grown

We Do Abide

White upon white in rows
names gentle placed
this field still grows
each name to be traced

Flags each to adorn
some with a flower
others a memory worn
stillness by the hour

Resting in a land free
where giving all required
the vanquished to flee
here innocence desired

Taps played each night
echoed in the breeze
life’s eternal flight
in moments to freeze

We do abide and know
missing family and love
no longer do we grow
having traversed above

Mortality is so short
while a mothers forever
when giving a report
she is honored ever

We do abide in silence
but our spirits sing still
in learned compliance
obeying our Fathers will

We know our mothers
their sacrifice for us
when there were no others
and we now gather thus

In Tune

Can I hear clear
can I feel such
can I discern fear
holding this touch?

I linger in a crowd
unwilling to leave
this forever shroud
where others grieve

How can I be in tune
with the Spirit fine
embracing this tomb
entwined in the divine?

Lonely is this life
when mother is gone
succored from strife
as only in a song

If only to be in tune
I can traverse above
my mortality to hewn
encompassed in love


a mother’s hug
all sought
the wounded
and lonely
of the

a mother’s kiss
now lonely
of the

a mother’s love
soft warmth
now lonely
in the

a mother’s own
wars horror
now embraced
in ones

a mother’s glow
securely tied
my seeking
now to be
in tune)