Charles J. Ingerson


In Solemn Honor: I

Charles J. Ingerson: In Solemn HonorTaking a hand
we walked
into the unknown
of memories
lost in time
past the headstones
row upon row
endless they were
all with names
ranks, places
dates of birth
dates of death.
Not as hard
as the Wall
or a funeral
folding a flag
forgetting a face
a friend gone
many too many
found in place
from row to row
carefully marked
even a sheet
to tell you where.
In solemn honor
we visit today
another child
a daughter, a son
who went the way
of the Earth
too young, too old
knowing sacrifice
in the highest
is to give
one’s own life
so others can live

The Footsteps

How big they were
they were my heroes
yet no where found
as I sought the field
where the battle
long had been over

Just footsteps
lonely, empty
leading towards
the direction
of the foes retreat
relentless forward

Why, why did you
so I followed
them up hills
over streams
into valleys
towards death

Thus in life
I live again
and again
into tomorrow
ever following
my brothers

Of Tears

Streaming slowly
on cheeks
in remembrance
of such love

Feelings deep
almost embraced
so fully in warmth
of such love

Seeking release
why them
not me today
to ponder over

Of tears
falling as rain
in the mist
to ponder over

In Solemn Honor: II

Oh hold high
the flag bloodied
from the wars
of eternal time

Is it lovely
to awake and see
waving gently
sun reflecting?

What thoughts
stir within me
to see such glory
as memories pass?

Of greatness in spirit
finds the common man
lifted beyond mortal
to combat fierce

In solemn honor
are found the test
of time and worth
God bless them all!

The Tears Won’t Stop

Maybe in time
I tell myself
I’ll awake today
in soberness
there are no more
tears to be let

Maybe I’ll rehearse
the litany of passive
voices which cry
of shame for war
and wanton killing
or even to forget
but not likely

The tears will never
stop in mortal love
for they remember
what others forget
or pass off as lost
while I’ll find
them in my mind

Then maybe tomorrow
you’ll know of love
unfeigned for all
is characterized
in my heroes
who’ve died for us
in freedom’s light

Forgive Them

I went forth today
seeking only peace
yet time and again
others wanted it not

Forgive them
my Father
I too did fight

Let all know
that not in anger
we sought to forgive
and not war

Pain Is Forever

Present is the pain
my heart aches
my arms reach
my knees are scared

The dreams fight
to come back
to do one more thing
to a second chance

While all of the time
there is no sleep
there is no relief
for there is no peace

Of Special Spirits

Entering sacred ground
to I found special spirits
some to say hello
or just to shake hands

We sat and didn’t talk
just comfortable to feel
being near old friends
long cold so I was warm

They wondered at that
why I was not comforted
where I thought to have
let down these special spirits

Then we would laugh
remembering the dumb
the unforgettable gone
with all time and space

Allowing now darkness
and the grounds to close
we had to leave again
alone the special spirits

In Solemn Honor: III

Where have you gone
do you wait for us
or is that not to be
will we still be friends?

Why was it you or you
taken in battle unknown
bullets and shard and flame
in a night of blackness?

How could we know who
would be the next
is that why there
is no order in life?

Each grave is the same
except for a name
a serial number
and the age of one

In solemn honor
how can we forget
our sons and daughters
amid our friends tonight?


In falling upon the ground
I curl as a fetus to know
crying uncontrollable
in the quiet of the night
pleading for the storm
to come and wash me

Even so I pray for them
who lie beneath where I
lay sobbing into emptiness
of clouds and dreams
entrapped between the two
unable to escape alone

They call my name
and I answer, ‘Here Sir!’
while no one hears
the silence of quiet
found now inside
where no one goes

Stumbling I now leave
taps echoes in the night
eternal calling to me
while instead it fades
and I’m still here
to face another day

It is then in solemn honor
the role is called above
and each answers,
‘Here Sir, here sir’
while slowly I leave
into the shadows of my mind)